Aggregation added to SmartGrid

The last remaining major feature every good modern grid should support was added to SmartGrid – the Aggregation!

Check the demo.

As a developer you can now define the grouping function for each column, i.e. the key of a group. It is fully customizable, you can for example create a groups from numbers, like ranges 0..100, 100..200. There are no limits! Check following example which groups by substring.

  groupBy = { it.ticker.substring(0, 2)}

See the demo source code here.

Aggregation feature even supports aggregation functions on columns, currently it supports SUM only though. For each column, you need to provide a getNumber callback. Later, user will be able to select an aggregation function himself.

A lot of effort was given into the performance aspect of a whole grid, so aggregation feature is now able to work well even if the grid is ticking very fast.

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