These pages are outdated. Original Yested framework has been replaced by a new version: https://github.com/jean79/yested_fw

Check our Yested demo site with samples of code.

Yested is a Kotlin framework for rapid development of single-page web applications.

Yested can be used for development of HTML mobile applications and packaged using Apache Cordova.

Application translates into a Javascript and runs in a browser only, there is no server-side required.

Why Yested?

It is based on a modern language

Kotlin by JetBrains company is a modern statically typed programming language targeting both Javascript and JVM. Benefit from:
- Strongly typed development
- Smart type inference
- No NPE!
- Lambdas
- Immutable Data Classes

It has an excelent IDE support

Development with Yested (i.e. Kotlin) has a 1st class IDE support in Intellij IDEA including:
- Debugger
- Refactoring
- Content Assist

Re-use existing Javascript libraries

Don't reinvent the wheel! Kotlin allows you to call any Javascript function with ease. Yested itself utilizes following libraries:
- Twitter Bootstrap
- JQuery
- Chart.js charting library
- Spin.js
- and many others

This is the WEB!

Yested supports all web features like:
- Back button
- Bookmarks
- Mobile devices

Component development

Compose your applications from Components, do not hand write plenty of duplicated HTML code. Each component is a class implementing just one single interface with a single method.
public trait Component {
    val element : HTMLElement

Powerful Layout construction

Layout (which is actually a DOM) can be constructed using simple yet powerful DSL. DSL is written in Kotlin itself. Check this:
ul {
     persons.forEach { person->
         li { +"${person.name}" }

Simplicity Matters

Yested is based on a simple idea. There is just a single interface and that it is, nothing more. Everything is just a component.
You just need to get familiar with Kotlin language, it's strongly typed builders and how it compiles to Javascript.
And all the time you have a Content Assist in your IDE!

Quick start

Yested allows you to develop a fully working application right away.
It provides wrappers around:
- Twitter Bootstrap for a simple L&F adjustment
- Chart.js library for charting
- And a lot of other components